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Emergency Medicine Society
Files Page


1. Study Guide for Pharmacology Final

2. Minutes, Officer and Committee Chair Meeting, July

3. Table of Anemia and Myeloproliferative disorders

4. Dr.  Powell's pharmacology review. (Don't get too overstimulated!)

5. Plasma Cell Dyscrasias, Myelomas, Hodgkin's Lymphomas and other cool stuff

6. Pharmacology review for Hemato/Lymph

7. Respiratory System Study Guide (use with handouts) upto Midterm 

8. Final Respiratory System Update: ABG Primer and Fungal Diseases of the Lung

9. Ventilatory Management for Paramedics (a basic vent primer) 

10. Respiratory System- The Next Generation, Final Examination Objectives, Tumors, Malignant Mesothelioma, and other things metastatic. (Includes Pediatric immunization chart) 

11. Cardiovascular chart- Objectives for midterm examination

12. EKG Self-Assessment

13. Cardiovascular chart, part II, final exam objectives

14. Endocrinology, A Week-Long Trek Through Thyroid Glands

15. Reproductive System, Part I, Lectures 1-30, Charts and Review

16. Pathology of the GI System Part I Study Guide

17. Pathology of the GI System Part II Study Guide


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