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Wilderness Medical Society

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     The rugged majesty of the Tetons…The raging tumult of the Ocoee river…The lush coniferous forests of the Appalachians…The eerie stillness of Mammoth Cave.  These are just some of the spectacular natural wonders of America's wilderness areas.  More than ever, serious adventurers and ordinary vacationers are taking to the great outdoors to enjoy the all the grandeur and splendor that Mother Nature has to offer.  Unfortunately, this also means that physicians will be seeing an increased number of wilderness related injuries and illnesses.  Wilderness Medicine offers distinctive challenges to the physician in almost every respect.  As a result, special training and skills are required in order for the effective provision of care.


The Wilderness Medicine Section of the EMS at Nova Southeastern University devotes itself to expanding student doctors' knowledge about medicine in the outdoors.  Through lectures, demonstration and hands-on outdoor activities, we provide opportunities to learn about the special considerations of practicing medicine in the outdoors, as well as opportunities to practice outdoors skills like kayaking, hiking and climbing.

For more information, contact the Wilderness Medicine Section Chairman, Fred Trayers / M2 at 954-882-7755 or

We'll see ya outside!!!

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